Intel bodges Cedar Trail again, launch date pushed back

/ 6 years ago

Intel’s Cedar Trail already seems like an unattractive package having lost DX 10.1 support and the ability to run 64bit Windows. We were expecting to see Cedar Trail launch sometime soon, well right around now. But it seems Intel is having major problems trying to scrape out some WHQL certified drivers that support the Intel Atom on an DX 9 and 32 bit package. Intel’s partners cannot launch products until the Atom gets certified drivers to run with the Windows operating systems.

Consequently the launch date has been pushed back another month to very late December. The Atom to many seems almost pointless, even the best N2600 and N2800 models don’t even come close to AMD’s fusion platforms with a similar TDP and price point. However, the Atom does what it says on the tin, it will support basic Notebooks but don’t expect it to turn up in large laptops anytime soon as it simply lacks the graphical pedigree to do that.

Source: VR-Zone

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