Intel CEO says that Windows 8 isn’t ready for the public yet

/ 5 years ago

Microsoft’s next version of Windows is nearly here, with Windows 8 being just weeks away from release. But close partner of the Redmond-based company, Intel, has some interesting thoughts on the operating system.

Intel CEO, Paul Otellini, thinks that Microsoft are releasing the OS too early, and that it is being released before it’s fully ready and that there are improvements that need to be done to Windows 8 before it should be released. Normally, someone of Otellini’s power would not get caught talking like this, but Bloomberg are reporting on it – not just a random blog, so it does have some weight to it. The Bloomberg story reported:

“Intel Corp. Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini told employees in Taiwan that Microsoft Corp.’s Windows 8 operating system is being released before it’s fully ready, a person who attended the company event said.

“Improvements still need to be made to the software, Otellini told employees at a company meeting in Taipei today, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the meeting was private.”

Windows 8 has a large task ahead of itself, as the OS is built more for touch-screen devices, and tablets. This means that consumers on Windows 7 won’t have much of a reason to upgrade, but for new PCs and devices, it will be great. So if you’re in the market for a new Ultrabook, or tablet, you might want to wait a few more weeks.


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