Intel confirms Ivy Bridge Mobile delay

/ 6 years ago

Just last week there was a large amount of speculation around Intel’s Ivy Bridge and we found out from a variety of sources that some Ivy Bridge mobile processors would be delayed to allow for older Sandy Bridge mobile stock to get cleared. Intel has now confirmed the delay by stating that the Ivy Bridge chips will go on sale 10 weeks after the official launch of Ivy Bridge.

Sean Maloney, executive vice-president of Intel and chairman of Intel China, told  theFinancial Times that sales of Ivy Bridge mobile machines (notebooks, desktop, nettop, all-in-one PCs) have been pushed back from April to June. “I think maybe it’s June now,” he said. Unsurprisingly Maloney shifted the blame for this delay from inventory-adjustments to the 22 nm fab process to preserve Intel’s reputation.

Source: Financial Times

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