Intel Core 2 price drops

/ 9 years ago

For once in their existence, Intel are seeing sense with pricing and having a long think over how to stay competitive with rival’s AMD as they focus on their newest AM3 platform.

AMD have always had the edge over Intel with regards to staying competitive, sometimes offering processors equivalent to Intel’s range for up to £100 less.

New pricing from Intel sees their top of the range processors (The Core i7) staying at the same price, though their withering old Core 2 processors such as the Q9400 have dropped by a whopping $33. I know what you’re all thinking. Yes your right, Intel haven’t got a clue.

This still puts AMD in front as favorite for the budget user who wants fantastic overclocking results, stability, and the ability for high end gaming. AMD know best about that considering they make ATI GPU’s. Right?

Who knows what crazy, mad thing Intel might do next. They might hire someone who knows about the economy and who has a bit of business acumen.

Nah, probably not!

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