Intel engineering sample lands on eBay, seller claims it’s either Ivy Bridge EP or Haswell EP

/ 4 years ago

If you’re like me, then since you were young (hey, I’m 29) you’ve always dreamed of owning an Intel engineering sample CPU. Anything with “INTEL CONFIDENTIAL” on it gets your blood pumping and makes your eyes droop with passion, and owning one of these is known as having “swag”.

Well, it looks like an Intel engineering sample CPU has hit eBay, with the seller claiming it is either an Ivy Bridge EP or – gasp – Haswell EP. The seller says it slots into his LGA 2011-based motherboard, but the system doesn’t boot up. Ivy Bridge EP is said to be a drop-in upgrade, but users will need to update their BIOS’ before it’ll detect and work.

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The seller removed the item from sale, so you can’t buy it now, as I’m sure some Intel suits rocked up to his house with some Bulldozer batons. Naughty seller, naughty!

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    This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available.

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