Intel Has Range Of Embedded CPUs Planned For September

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Intel’s Haswell technology hasn’t had a chance to permeate all parts of Intel’s CPU portfolio. The embedded sector is still rather lacking of the new Intel architecture but from September we can expect to see them arrive with Intel’s 4th generation Shark Bay platform. The new releases of embedded CPUs will contain five new processors. These will be the following:

(Note that Thread counts are just educated guesses as this information was not disclosed.)

  • Core i7 4700EQ @ 1.7GHz with 4C/8T and a 37W TDP
  • Core i5 4400E @ 2.7GHz with 2C/4T and a 37W TDP
  • Core i5 4402E @ 1.6GHz with 2C/4T and a 37W TDP
  • Core i3 4100E @2.4GHz with 2C/2T and a 37W TDP
  • Core i3 4102E @ 1.6GHz with 2C/2T and a 25W TDP
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All of these new embedded chips are based on a mobile Haswell design and are embedded into QM87 or HM86 chipset motherboards. Consequently the feature set of the platform will vary between the different motherboards that these CPUs are embedded on. The CPUs come in a BGA 1364 package. You can check out more detailed information here and here courtesy of EKF-System.

Image #1 courtesy of Intel and Image #2 courtesy of EKF-System

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