Intel Haswell 4770k processor listed on eBay

/ 5 years ago


It was only a matter of time before someone started off loading their test samples on eBay and that always seems to be the case with new hardware when someone jumps the gun and beats retailers to the punch.

While we’ve seen just about every major hardware launch of the last few years crop up on eBay a few weeks early, it’s still interesting to see how much the items go for and how eager some people can be to get the latest tech first.

The Intel Haswell 4770k processors has been listed as a Buy It Now product with an asking price of $600 or around £395 + shipping. Which actually doesn’t sound too unreasonable as we’ve seen items like this on auction for other products in the past hit much higher figures.

“This is for New in Box i7 4770K retail will ship after Thursday 23rd as I’m away” the listing says, although I personally highly doubt that is true. What is more likely is that this is either A) a scam and that is nothing more than a pile of scrap metal in a box, or B) this is a review sample that someone is offloading before NDA for a quick profit. Either way I’d be wary of scams and of a CPU that may have been benchmarked and overclocked within an inch of its life.

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Of course, this may be a true diamond in the rough and some lucky bugger might catch them selves an early bit of hardware, but lets just hope any potential buyers do a little investigation before parting with their money.

There is one other catch of course, the chip doesn’t feature a motherboard so unless you have a pre-release z87 motherboard lying around, the chip isn’t much use to you anyway.

Check out the eBay page here


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