Intel i3 550 and 560 to be discontinued

/ 6 years ago

Last year back in December Intel announced the End-Of-Life for many of its processors from a wide mix of categories. The list of discontinued CPUs included a mix of Westmere and Sandy Bridge-based models ranging from Pentium to Core i7. Yesterday, Intel notified its customers that it will be discontinuing two more processors from the LGA 1156 platform. The processors to take the hit are both Core i3 dual cores with hyperthreading: the i3 550 and 560.

“Last order date for these Core i3s is June 29 2012. OEM chips will be shipped until December 7 2012, and boxed processors will be shipped while supplies last.”

“Core i3-550 and i3-560 were the last desktop CPUs for socket 1156 platform, that received discontinuation notices. Other Westmere Core i3 parts, Core i3-530 and i3-540, will be end-of-lifed in April and June. Also, all Pentium, Core i5 and Core i7 processors will be retired in, or before June 2012.”

Source: CPU-World

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