Intel i9-10900K Benchmarks Suggest 15-25% Boost On i9-9900K

Without a doubt, one of the most prominent tech releases of the early part of 2020 will be the new Intel Comet-Lake-S architecture processors. Of those, it seems pretty clear that the i9 10900K is shaping up to be the new ‘flagship’ model which will, all going well for Intel, provide a little more wiggle room between their own designs and AMD’s 3rd-generation Ryzen platform.

Just how good is it going to be though? Well, in a report via Videocardz, we may have our first benchmarks that, at the very least, give us an idea as to how it will compare to the i9 9900K.

Intel i9 10900K Benchmarks Leak

With a number of various benchmark tests conducted, we do have a wide variety of results. Overall, however, the general outlook would seem to imply that we can expect the i9 10900K to perform around 15-25% faster than the i9 9900K.

While this might not on the surface sound like a particularly huge margin, it would undoubtedly (at least in theory) make it the fastest gaming processor around.

When Will it Be Released?

Based on the increasingly high number of leaks (such as the full specifications of the range) it seems likely that the Intel Comet-Lake-S processors should be releasing in just the next few months.

There are, of course, more than a few damp towels to throw over this latest architecture. For example, it will (yet again) essentially form another refresh of Intel’s somewhat aging 14nm (insert many + signs here) platform. In addition, based on some of the benchmarks results above, some of the margins were as low as 2%.

Based on what we can see here, however, if this truly is the last of them, it seems to at least be going out with a bang! With CES 2020 in just a few days, we can expect more news then and rest assured, we’ll be bringing it straight to you!

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Mike Sanders

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