Intel Planning A Few More Ivy Bridge CPU Releases

/ 4 years ago


Despite Haswell now being Intel’s latest consumer platform, Intel is still looking to keep Ivy Bridge and LGA 1155 alive with some more CPU releases. CPU World have stumbled across four new CPUs that Intel will be releasing in the near future. They include two Core i5 and two Celeron models.


All four CPUs do not feature hyperthreading but all feature similarly clocked HD Graphics. The two Celeron parts are both dual cores while one is a “T” model meaning a reduced TDP for energy efficiency. This has a slightly lower clock speed but they both have identical cache, graphics and memory support. The next two parts are both Core i5 parts with four cores and HD 2500 Graphics. Again these have identical cache and memory support with the only difference being that the “S” variant has a lower TDP.

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These releases are designed to keep Ivy Bridge bolstered in that entry/mid-range segment since Haswell is currently only high-end models – we are yet to see Haswell Core i3 and below. That said Intel will probably retain Ivy Bridge support for a while to come yet since LGA 1155 was a big selling platform for Intel especially since it lasted two generations of CPU and motherboard releases.

Image #1 courtesy of Intel and image #2 courtesy of CPU-World

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