Intel prepares 2 more Thunderbolt controllers for 2013

/ 5 years ago

The new thunderbolt devices are going to come this are codenamed “Redwood Ridge 2C” and 4C.

The 2C 4410 would be a host only controller with 2x Thunderbolt channels 10Gbps and display port 1.1a 2 sink or 1.2 red driver support, whereas the 4C is host and Device controller comes upto 4x Thunderbolt channels, 10Gbps Display port 1.1a with 2 sink and even Display Port 1.2 driver.

It would need 2.3W when plugged with a single display or 2.45W with 2x display. These will be featured in Shark Bay notebooks and Haswell powered notebook that will come during this year. Currently Intel has 3 Thunderbolt controllers that is being sold since 2012. Port Ridge 2210 is a device only port which supports 10Gbps but no display port.

Source: Fudzilla 

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