Intel Skylake Will Support Ultra-Fast Face Recognition with RealSense 3D Technology

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Intel’s 6th generation Core processors codenamed Skylake got some extra attention on the first day of the IDF15 in Shenzhen and it looks like everything is going as scheduled with the chips. One of the mentioned highlights was the RealSense 3D technology that allows for much better facial recognition support that works much faster than current methods and apps.

The new family of processors will feature the upgraded 9th generation graphics core and the memory controller will support both DDR3 and DDR4 memory. The socket will be the LGA1151 and it will use the new 100 series chipsets. The flagship chipset will be the Z170 with support for RST 14 storage technology, SRT intelligent response technology, and up to 14 USB ports of which the 10 are USB 3.0.  It will support 6 SATA ports and have 20 PCI-E channels with support for up to three SATA Express x2 interfaces, and three PCI-E with RST storage device support.

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More and more companies set on alternative login methods besides the manual password and the new Intel processors will support facial recognition based on the RealSense 3D technology. Different from traditional face recognition, the new face unlock on RealSense is much faster and will unlock your system in just a second.

Using photos or cell phone shots to login won’t work, as the stereoscopic 3D will notice that. So it won’t be that easy to get past this security feature. The first products with this technology are said to come out before the end of the year and it’s expected to gain large popularity.

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