Intel to cut Sandy Bridge Prices on selected models

/ 7 years ago

Ahead of the Bulldozer launch, the success of AMD’s APUs and the pressure from its vendors Intel has released a range of modest price cuts on its Sandy Bridge processors. The cuts will be issued in two batches the first batch of modest cuts for i5’s and one i7 in September will be no more than cuts of 5.6%. The second batch for October will be cuts on i3’s and Pentium’s of 12-15% which are much healthier but needed to be able to compete with AMD’s APUs. This is good news for low end users, but for the high end enthusiast you will still have to pay a relatively high premium for Sandy Bridge quality. This won’t change until AMD’s Bulldozer comes into play and potentially alters Intel’s pricing strategy.

ModelCoresThreadsClock SpeedCache SizeCurrent PriceSeptember PriceOctober Price% Reduction
Core i5-2390T222.7GHz3$195$1845.60%
Core i5-2400S442.5Ghz6$195$1845.60%
Core i5-2405S442.5GHz6$205$2012%
Core i5-2500S442.7GHz6$216$2055.10%
Core i5-2500T442.3GHz6$216$2055.10%
Core i7-2600S482.8GHz8$306$2943.90%
Pentium G630222.7GHz3$75$6414.70%
Pentium G850222.9GHz3$86$7512.80%
Core i3-2120243.3GHz3$138$11715.20%


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