Intel to emphasize on SOC for smartphones and tablets

/ 5 years ago

Primarily focussed on Smartphones and Tablets, Intel is now shifting their focus to System-on-a-chip (SOC) technology it was said during an International Electron device meeting where Intel showed its next-gen 22nm SOC.

While speaking to a journalist via teleconferencing, Intel said that they were focussed on developing transistors with higher performance but now they would be developing technology with a much wider range of transistors for tablets and pocket devices.

Intel are applying the 22nm Tri-gate in SOCs for the first time and as a result it’s outperforming their current 32nm SOCs by 20-60%. As of now, 22nm Tri-Gate is used in IvyBridge processors.

However, Intel didn’t talk about specific chips, but it is expected that they will be code-named “Silvermount” and it’s rumoured that their new Atom chip will come with a new architecture too.

Source: CNet

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