Intel to release i5-3350P, Ivy Bridge without Intergrated Graphics

/ 6 years ago

Intel is working on a strange new processor model based on its new 22 nm “Ivy Bridge” silicon, the Core i5-3350P.

This part is reported to lack integrated graphics, much like the Core i5-2380P and i5-2450P, from the previous generation. The new i5-3350P will be a quad-core chip, with 6 MB of L3 cache. It comes with a base clock speed of 3.10 GHz, and 3.30 GHz Turbo Boost speed.

Like every other Core i5 quad-core processor, it lacks HyperThreading. The lack of integrated graphics also takes a toll on its TDP rating, which is down to 69W. The new Core i5-3350P is expected to be launched in Q3, 2012.

Source: DonanimHaber

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