Intel unveils new enterprise class Pro 2500 series SSDs

/ 3 years ago


Yesterday Intel announced their new line of Pro 2500 enterprise class SSD drives. The series is aimed at corporate computers with features such as self-encrypting technology (SED) on a 256-bit technology, remote manageability as well as the to be expected high performance and power efficiency.

The Pro 2500 series comes in a variety of formats and sizes. In the M.2 formfactor they range from 180 GB to 360 GB and in the well known 2½” formfactor they range from 120 GB to 480 GB. Intel lists the drives at a speed of 540 Mbps read and 490 Mbps write at 45K/80K IOPS making them some solid drives.

Intel pro 2500 overview

The Intel SSD Pro 2500 series also supports the TCG’s Opal version 2.0  solution for additional safety and allow for remote management to monitor and report on drive health and assets.

“The need to protect assets, keep an eye on the bottom line and ensure employees have the best tools is a challenge for IT departments,” said Rob Crooke, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group.

On top of all that the drives are backed with a 5 year warranty and a world class annualized failure rate well below 1 percent.

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The drives should be available shortly and at the time of writing the pricing look to be 98/135/162/307 Euro for the 120/180/240/480 GB of the 2½ models.

Thank you Intel Press Room for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Intel.


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