Intel working to replace keyboards and mouse with voice and gesture recognition?

/ 5 years ago

In a statement given by the South Asia Director of marketing Sandeep Aurora, he told a reporter at “The Hindu” that the company is working on challenging the existing and widely appreciated keyboards and mouse with voice and gesture recognition:

“Intel foresees a renewed vigour in computing in 2013 in the highly connected multi-device landscape. Traditional input devices like keyboards and mouse will be challenged by new input methods like voice and gesture recognition.”

He went on further by saying that tablets, convertibles and newer devices will blur out boundaries between PCs and tablets.


Still, in my opinion, even though tablets and newer devices have made people choose desktops/notebooks over tablets and smartphones, that’s because they found it convenient  There are many who prefer the good old fashioned and effective keyboard and mouse as an input device. Forcing a particular way of using a device on people is something many wouldn’t appreciate and hopefully this wont be forced on desktop and notebook users.



One Response to “Intel working to replace keyboards and mouse with voice and gesture recognition?”
  1. Wayne says:

    I can’t see the good ol’ mouse & kbd giving up the ghost anytime soon. They’re just so easy & convenient to use although portability is not in their repertoire.

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