Intel’s Broadwell CPUs Arriving In Second Half Of 2014

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Despite the fact Haswell has only been out for a couple of months we already hearing news of its successor, Broadwell.

Broadwell is a “tick” process size reduction in Intel’s tick-tock development cycle (with a tock being an architecture redesign with the same manufacturing process size). Broadwell will lead the shrink of the Haswell architecture down from 22nm to 14nm using the same LGA 1150 socket. The Haswell refresh is just of course a range of new Haswell processors that have been optimised by maturity in the production process.

It is reported that the main bulk of the Broadwell CPUs that will arrive in 2014 will be mobile processors of some kind. There will be a lot of the “dreaded” H-Series processors (aka BGA package embedded CPUs), Y series CPUs for tablets, U series CPUs for Ultrabooks and QM/XM CPUs for high performance notebooks.

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There will be desktop parts coming with the Z97 chipset and these could possibly launch alongside the HEDT Haswell-E platform next year although speculation has suggested these might be delayed till early 2015. Intel’s U and Y series Broadwell CPUs will both have SATA III and USB 3.


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One Response to “Intel’s Broadwell CPUs Arriving In Second Half Of 2014”
  1. Justain says:

    Uhh, Haswell is barely out and about. I don’t like the name Celeron because in my mind, the brand Celeron is cheaper than AMD and i3s are better than AMD quads. Anyways, thier i3’s are now Celeron which should beef up the Celeron name. I wish they went with Pentium V or Pentium 5. i3s being called Celeron is wrong imo. What’s next? i5s being called Atoms? Anyways, this article sucks. Go to the the wiki or whatever and this article is basically just a rewrite of 5-10 years old articles about Broadwell. In place of this article, you can write “go wiki broadwell.” and it’ll do more than this article.

    Hey Skylake will arrive in 2015. Skylake is tock to Broadwell. Let’s pretend that I copied, pasted, and embeded an image url. 14nm. It’s reported that Skylake is going to be a CPU for ultrabooks, tablets, and stuff like that. It’s probably going to use a Z107 chipset and also have H105 and X109 as well. There’s an unlocked version called the i5-5670k and the i7-5780k. The new thing is the Y108 chipset which is still not yet revealed but is rumored to be for smartphones.

    Someone pay me because I just wrote an article for eteknix.

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