Internet Archive To Start Preserving Classic Console Games

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All oldies but goldies games have been made possible to play on modern computers with the help of emulators, and they are part of gaming history too. The Internet Archive, a non-profit organization with the purpose of building a freely accessible internet library, is now taking it a step further by adding web versions of classic 70’s and 80’s video games to its collection. It will mark an expansion of its Historical Software Collection and will come in the way of the Console Living Room beta, which lets users play hundreds of classic titles from the Atari 2600, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, Astrocade, and Magnavox Odyssey.

Technical issues are still present with the emulation, so you might have to wait a bit more until roaming around this virtual archive. Not only is there still gaps in the game collection, the audio is reportedly not working as of yet. Some are criticizing the free-to-play Console Living Room beta, and rightfully so, as it does not appear to be on par with existing emulators. Having said that, it is still early and it likely won’t be long before the folks over at the Internet Archive have this thing complete and running smoothly.

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There are several games available for each of the above mentioned systems despite the technicality faults, and for those of you willing to give it a try, you can head over to the Console Living Room page.

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  1. Skidmarks says:

    It I remember correctly the Magnavox Odyssey was invented in the mid 60’s but only introduced to the world in the 70’s. It was the very 1st game console ever and needed a transparent film overlay to demarcate a ping pong table on the TV screen to play a game like Pong.

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