Internet Explorer 9 and 10 Users Exposed To Unpatched Vulnerability

/ 4 years ago


Microsoft revealed yesterday that Internet Explorer versions 9 and 10 both contain an unpatched vulnerability. Computer World reports that these vulnerabilities are mainly being exploited on Internet Explorer 10 by hackers.

The distribution of Internet Explorer versions among users shows that 15.3% use IE9 and 15.9% use IE10 meaning around a third (31.2%) of all IE users are vulnerable.

“Microsoft is aware of limited, targeted attacks against Internet Explorer 10. Our initial investigation has revealed that Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10 are affected.” Said a Microsoft spokesperson.

The solution to the problem, unsurprisingly, is that Microsoft thinks all IE users should upgrade to the latest version which is IE11. Windows Vista users are being “left out in the cold” as the latest version of IE they support is IE9. Microsoft is expected to deliver a fix for the problem on March 11th.

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