iOS 6.1.2 due next week

/ 5 years ago


A German Apple log site; iFun has claimed that Apple are preparing the latest iOS update in the shape of 6.1.2, a much anticipated update due to the issues that users faced with the 6.1 variant.

iFun claim that the iOS update should be available before Wednesday 20th February 2013 and evidence is backed-up by various mobile carriers and is very much welcomed due to the bugs that 6.1 rolled out including the ability to bypass the iPhone’s passcode allowing the user to use the phone and major functions.

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Apple have acknowledged the issue and stated immediately that a fix was on the way, and it seems that it’s upon us, but we have to ask, is it one step forward and two steps back as some iPhone 4S users have also been complaining about poor battery life since the 6.1.1 update.

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