iOS 7 Breaks iOS 6 Adoption Rate – 32% In Just 48 Hours

/ 4 years ago


Chitika Insights reports that Apple’s iOS 7 was eaten up by Apple lovers at a record rate for the Cupertino based company. As the above graph demonstrates, in the first 48 hours the rate of adoption of iOS 7 across Apple devices was around 31.7% – dramatically higher than the 24.7% that iOS 6 managed two days after its launch.

Advertising firm Chitika reports that this uptake result is drastically faster than Google’s most popular OS Android Jelly Bean which only has 45% uptake to date. Of course that’s not a strictly sensible comparison because there’s no unified Android authority telling vendors which OS to use, and there’s also a tendency to not offer Android updates to new versions to encourage people to buy newer handsets. Its also worth noting that to this day you can still buy hundreds of different handsets that ship with Android 2.3 Gingerbread simply because of hardware compatibility issues and performance limitations of certain hardware.

Analysts believe they may have seen much higher uptake had Apple’s update-servers been capable of handling the huge level of demand put on theme by the sudden rush of updaters. Maybe there will be a bigger uptake target for Apple with iOS 8 if they can manage to get those servers in check.

Image courtesy of Chitika Insights

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