iPad Given to Every Member of the UK’s House of Commons Member

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After the May elections have concluded, the UK’s Members of Parliament will all have new iPads to go along with the new government. All 650 House of Commons MPs will receive a cellular equipped iPadAir 2s, courtesy of the Parliament’s tech team, allowing them to securely work from anywhere they might need to.

It seems though as the change isn’t getting a warm reception from everyone. Carrying a £1 million (roughly $1.5 million) cost over five years, there is speculation as to if the iPads are truly “competitively priced.” On the other hand, lowering the use of paper documents theoretically saves money at the same time, but with other lower cost options available, could they save more and reduced the plans overall cost. One main figure in thinking that other options should be on the table, Shadow Cabinet Office minister Chi Onwurah believes the House needs to move away from the focus on Apple iOS. In the end, through the results of Britain’s change, the entire world essentially can see how well the iPad holds up as a full-time government tool.

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