iPhone 4S sold-out already

/ 6 years ago

Pre-orders started this past Friday, and the iPhone 4S has already sold-out.

According to the Apple website, ordering one now would give you a shipping estimate of one to two weeks, although the ones lucky/fast enough to have ordered it earlier will see their new Apple device arrive around this upcoming Friday. Although you can still get your hands on one by waiting in line at an Apple Store.

Once again, just as the previous launches, the Apple website did have a couple of problems due to overload, especially when trying to access the carriers’ servers for the buyers’ account. Yet, this time Apple used a different process, offering confirmation to the costumer who pre-ordered it but requesting to come back later to finish the order when access would be easier.

AT&T have called this launch the most successful of all with over 200,000 orders in the first 12 hours. Verizon, on the other hand, has said to have an easier time with the orders.

In comparison to the first iPhone 4, the 4S version features a faster processor, a better camera, the new voice assistant Siri, as well as couple of changes to the communications technologies. This time around the iPhone 4S is available from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

The latest iOS 5 will be released on Wednesday and will be offered as a free download.


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