iPhone 5 to launch on October 15?

/ 6 years ago

They come and go, rumours always do and that’s what they’re made for, but something recently spiced up this sea of rumours with the CEO of a major telephone company talking about the launching.

During an interview France Telecom CEO, Stephane Richard revealed a possible launch date:

“If we believe what we have been told, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15,” said Stephane Richard.

Ever since the iPhone 5 announced, some incredible pictures, videos and other medias have been reported along possible leaked information and possible designs, each crazier than the other, but Apple always had a penchant for innovation, so the transparent iPhone that you see above could be a possible concept (notice the lack of colours, this may be a problem this is it).

Being an iPhone, we can’t expect the product to miss its target and fail, but will it be flawless? or present its own flaws like the iPhone 4’s ‘Death Grip’?


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