Is Nintendo Becoming Redundant For Gaming? Study Suggests Children Prefer Tablets

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Nintendo haven’t exactly been going from strength to strength in recent times: sales of Nintendo games have been fairly modest in comparison to rivals, many big game developers haven’t even bothered to bring their titles to Nintendo platforms and Nintendo platforms like the Wii U and 2/3DS have dwindling sales. Apparently, this is now starting to filter through to the gaming habits of children. New information from Futuresource Consulting suggests that Nintendo is gradually being pushed out of its stronghold in the Children’s gaming market by the advent of tablets. 44% of UK children between three and twelve now own and tablet, that includes 30% of three to four year olds. The study also says that parents are more likely to buy a tablet for their children than a smartphone or portable console (like a Nintendo 3DS). The attractiveness of the tablet is quite obvious: many tablets can be had for much cheaper than Nintendo devices, many Android and iOS games are free or significantly cheaper than Nintendo games and tablets can be used for other things alongside gaming because their operating systems are much more versatile.

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Do you think tablets will spell the end of Nintendo or is there space for both tablets and portable handheld consoles?

Source: MCV UK, Via: Softpedia

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One Response to “Is Nintendo Becoming Redundant For Gaming? Study Suggests Children Prefer Tablets”
  1. Wayne says:

    3-4 year old children with tablets, it’s ridiculous. I’m a grandpa now but if we had these kind of things when I was bringing up my kids they wouldn’t have got phones/tablets until they were teenagers but now my kids have grown up, married and have youngsters of their own will most certainly agree.

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