Is this how games in the future will look?

/ 6 years ago


Is this how characters in videogames will look in the not so distant future?

A team of developers has created an movie which took them hours of research and effort, which gives us a possible look at the future of gaming as far as visuals are concerned.  best to viewed in HD, but even the normal version looks amazing.

I’ve seen quite a lot of this sort of thing over the years, so to my eyes it’s nothing new, but for the technically minded of you, here is what the makers had to say about the video.

“It shows our latest and final advances on real-time skin rendering (Separable Subsurface Scattering), which enables to quickly render skin in just two post-processing passes. Everything is written from scratch using DirectX 10 and rendered in real-time, from the skin to the film grain; if you have a powerful GPU you can download the original demo here:

Furthermore, it also shows how important is the full rendering pipeline if you aim for 1080p close-up shots. Efforts towards rendering ultra realistic skin are futile if they are not coupled with HDR, high quality bloom, depth of field, film grain, tone mapping, ultra high quality models, parametrization maps, high quality shadow maps (which are lacking on my demo) and a high quality antialiasing solution. If you fail on any of them, the illusion of looking at a real human will be broken.”


Source: Gamersmint



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