iSeries i45 – Asus Overclocking Tournament

/ 6 years ago

Last weekend at iSeries i45 was the Spring Finals of the Asus overclocking Tournament where three teams battled it out for the crown and for a position in the next set of Finals.  Record breaker and well-known over-clocker Paul Watkinson and Miodrag Relic presented the Spring 2012 heat from the main stage, introducing the three teams that were chosen from hundreds of competitors over the course of the year for the title of the UKs top over-clocker, we got full video coverage of the event below.

Each team was kitted out with Asus Rampage IV Extreme X79 2011 motherboard, Intel Core i7 3960X Processor, Antec 920 watercooler, Kingston Ram and SSD’s as well as the ultra powerful Antec 1200w PSU.

Points were awarded per round, with 10pts to first place, 8pts to second place and 7pts to third place over each of the three rounds.

From right to left we have the three teams that took part Team Anastra, Team GTX and Team Clueless.

Round one was set over half an hour to benchmark who could get the fastest read times on the memory, round two was running SuperPi to stress test the CPU and see who could score the highest over the course of an hour, the final test was set over half an hour running WPrime to benchmark how stable there systems were after over-clocking and to see who could score the highest there.

Round One – Memory

  • Anastra: 25093mbps
  • GTX: 24284mbps
  • Clueless: 20620mbps

Round Two – SuperPi

  • Anastra: 6 min 51.840 sec @5200MHz
  • GTX: 6 min 51.060 sec @5160MHz
  • Clueless: 7 min 17 sec @ 5046

Round Three – WPrime24m

  • Anastra: 100.745 sec
  • GTX: 102.7 sec
  • Clueless: 102.96 sec

Final Results

  • Anastra: 28pts
  • GTX: 26pts
  • Clueless: 21pts


Anastra won the final in the last round by just under 2 seconds, winning them a full custom built Ivy Bridge system, entry to the year end finals where they will play for the super finals where the UK over-clocking champion will be decided.  Congratulations to them all and we wish them all the best in the future tournaments.


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