Ivy Bridge Core i3 and Pentium processors finally here

/ 5 years ago

Many people have been eagerly awaiting Intel’s next instalment of budget orientated Core i3, Pentium and Celeron processors for the updated LGA 1155 platform and 7 series chipsets. They will bring the new increased efficiency and clock per clock performance of the 22nm architecture to the masses. Although that won’t be the case for all of the new releases, you may be disappointed to hear that some of the “new” Core i3 and all of the “new” Pentium/Celeron processors actually still use 32nm Sandy Bridge architecture – so in effect are not new at all.

In addition to new Core i3, Pentium and Celeron processors, Intel have also opted to release four new Core i5 models (including a “P” variant that lacks integrated graphics), 3 new Ivy Bridge mobile processors and 2 new Sandy Bridge mobile processors. The new flagship mobile processor, the Core i7 3940XM, costs a staggering $1096 in 1000K quantities a.k.a. OEM pricing.

The new processors from Intel come with the usual “S”, “T” and “P” variants which have lower TDPs than normal processors or lack integrated graphics. The “T” Core i3 models are all reportedly based off of Sandy Bridge architecture.

You can see all the specifications and pricing on the attached image. Hopefully with this new wave of processors from Intel we will see prices on “older” models sink to make room for new stock.



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