Ivy Bridge-EP Based Xeon E5 Processors Revealed

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The team over at TechPowerUp have been doing some digging around and discovered some new Intel Xeon processors based on the Ivy Bridge (EP) design. On the ASRock motherboard CPU support list they uncovered some new socket LGA 2011 CPUs based on the next generation Xeon E5 parts. These use the “Ivy Bridge-EP” silicon and are expected to arrive in Q3 to Q4 of this year.

From the graph we can derive that there are 8, 10 and 12 core parts based on the 20MB, 25MB and 30MB caches respectively (there is 2.5MB of cache per core).  TDPs range from 70W to 150W. The lowest TDP part is the E5-2650L v2 10 core processor at 1.7GHz while the highest TDP part is the E5-2687W v2 running at 3.4GHz across 10 cores. The highest clock speed 12 core processor is the E5-2697 v2 with a clock speed of 2.7GHz and a 130W TDP.

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There’s no information yet on exact chipset information but we expect the Ivy Bridge-EP platform will retain backwards compatibility with the Sandy Bridge-EP platform and use similar C600 series chipsets.

Image courtesy of TechPowerUp

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