Ivy Bridge set for April the 8th launch

/ 6 years ago

Ivy Bridge will have a relatively low key launch as it misses out on both CES and CeBIT 2012. Intel is reportedly launching the platform April the 8th, although this is a sunday so it is more likely there will be some sort of NDA for Monday when the reviews and press releases will go live.

According to Digitimes’ Taiwanese sources, the first Ivy Bridge wave will include no less than 25 processors (17 desktop models and 8 notebook/ultrabook chips) and 8 chipsets (Z77, H77, Z75 and B75 for desktops, HM77, UM77, HM76 and HM75 for mobile PCs). More Ivy Bridge products, including the Core i5-3470T CPU and the Q77, Q75, QS77 and QM77 chipsets, are said to become available in May.

In terms of pricing Ivy Bridge will come in at similar prices to that of Sandy Bridge and consequently we will probably see Sandy Bridge prices fall. Chipset prices in typical Intel style are not cheap either ranging from $37 for the cheapest B75 chipset all the way up to $48 for the ‘flagship’ Z77 chipset.

Source: TechPowerUpDigitimes and Xbit Labs

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