Jolla Preps Android Launcher For Its Sailfish OS

/ 4 years ago


Finland-based Jolla have recently announced that their Sailfish Operating System will soon be available as a launcher for Android by hitting their stable 1.0 release. As a quick recap, Sailfish OS is a MeeGo-like operating system, something that Nokia left behind since its release along with the Nokia N9.

Jolla has made its Operating System run native Android apps, something which BlackBerry and Nokia have not been able to do with the BlackBerry 10 and respectively Nokia’s attempt to run Android apps on its Windows Phone handsets. Since a limited release back in November, Jolla claims to have been working on finalising the OS to be fully compatible with Android and state that Sailfish can also work in popular Android-based hardware.


Android-powered Samsung, Nexus and Sony handsets are just an example of devices which can work with Jolla as a fully fledged Sailfish OS handset, and not only as a launcher. Aside from the Android compatibility, the OS itself looks very slick, full of gestures and menus tucked just past the edge of the screen. Jolla is also aiming to update the OS every two months thanks to a variety of open source contributors.

Even though the focus is on the software side, Jolla is currently negotiating with partners in Russia, India, and Hong Kong to sell their device in new geographies.

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