Kaspersky Lab discovers yet another major Mac OS X Backdoor virus

/ 5 years ago

Kaspersky Labs has discovered a Mac OS X Backdoor that is used to connect the user’s machine to a command and control centre based in China. Once connected into the command and control centre the hackers can access all the users files and make the users computer perform functions. The Backdoor affects both i386 and PowerPC Macs.

To go about getting this malicious code onto people’s Macs the Backdoor virus was engineered to appear as a simple jpeg attachment to a spam email. On clicking the attached a jpeg a malicious code is executed which sees the users Mac end up infected. The security lab was able to determine that the control server was located in China.The infection was said to originally target Uyghur activists in China, meaning the virus was engineered in China to attack China.

“Macs are growing in global popularity, even amongst high-profile people. Many choose to use Mac OS X computers because they believe it’s safer,” said Costin Raiu, Director of Global Research & Analysis at Kaspersky Lab. “However, we believe that as the adoption increases for Mac OS X, so will both mass-infection attacks and targeted campaigns. Attackers will continue to refine and enhance their methods to mix exploits and social engineering techniques to try and infect victims. Just like PC malware, this combination is commonly the most effective and cybercriminals will continue to challenge Mac OS X users’ security, both technically and psychologically.”

This latest threats represents a growing awareness that the Mac PC just isn’t as safe as people so ignorantly believe. Growing demand and use of Mac based systems is leading hackers to develop more and more viruses for them.

This all comes in the wake of Apple editing a page on their website which stated Macs weren’t as vulnerable to viruses and malware as Windows based systems were, showing even they now acknowledge security just isn’t up to scratch.

Looks like all these years of complacency are now coming back to bite the Apple.


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