Kerbal Space Program Trailblazer Builds Astonishing Helicopter Rocket

/ 3 years ago

kerbal copter 2

Innovation tends to be a prerequisite for a successful rocket launch in Kerbal Space Program, but YouTube user BaconSpaceProgram has taken principle to the extreme with the X-Wing Rotary Rocket, a design marvel that puts most other Kerbal spacecraft to shame.

kerbal copter 3

The X-Wing Rotary Rocket recalls the real-life Roton, a rotary rocket prototype built in the early-nineties. The four wings on theKerbal craft, each with a mounted thruster, start at a right-angle to the body of the rocket during launch, causing them to rotate. Once in the air, the wings rotate 90o to give the ship extra forward thrust. Its launch and subsequent flight is a beautiful sight.

Source: Kotaku

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