KFA2 GT 520 Passive 1GB Graphics Card Review

/ 6 years ago


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KFA2 are, if you don’t know, a sub-brand of Galaxy and more importantly are a brand who believe in moving away from the ordinary by offering unique products with a difference. Choosing a graphics card can be one of the most confusing choices when building a computer due the sheer volume of cards on the market, of which the majority are very similar in terms of features, performance and of course price.

With the release of AMD’s Fusion platform, a lot of users are plumping for an all-in-one solution for their media needs and using onboard APU’s to display high-quality HD content on their HTPC’s. For others this can be quite budget restricting and therefore having to go down the simple “upgrade” route. By upgrading their graphics card, it can breathe a whole new life into their system and allow them to view the latest High Definition content for a relatively low outlay.

KFA2 believe they have solved this issue with the GT520 Passive; a card that not only offers the latest technological advances, but is said to do so at a low cost, using low amounts of power whilst remaining silent which in our eyes is everything a HTPC should involve, especially if left on for hours or even days at a time.



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4 Responses to “KFA2 GT 520 Passive 1GB Graphics Card Review”
  1. gaetan says:

    Interesting, really interesting…still, I wonder how it *really* compares

  2. Thinkharder says:

    Very good card for a HTPC there, especially with TrueHD and DTS MA bitstreaming!<span style="color: #222222;">

    gaetan;22519 wrote: Interesting, really interesting…still, I wonder how it *really* compares

    What do you mean by that?!</span>

  3. Leo Bien Durana says:

    Just compared the prices on Newegg and there's not much gap bet. other GT520s. Pricing is very competitive indeed(Without AMD/ATI's offerings in the mix)They should've used a black PCB for a more striking look though…*Hi there, Super Moderator!

  4. gaetan says:

    Thinkharder;22532 wrote: <span style="color: #222222;">What do you mean by that?!</span>

    I meant how it really compares to what is advertised, I usually have a habit of not trusting advertisements (not to their fullest anyway) and trusting truth worthy review sites, and that's why I'm here :)Super Moderator…I hope I didn't say anything I shouldn't, I wouldn't want to be banned (don't want to see the hammer :eek:);) (in case you're wondering about the hammer, don't worry, long story :))

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