KFA2 produces a range of multi-display Nvidia video cards

/ 7 years ago

KFA2 in Europe produces only Nvidia cards and it has added a few new cards to its portfolio. This time the attention has been taking away from gaming and towards being able to support a large number of monitors. KFA2 is calling this the MDT series or Multi Display Technology Series and it has produced two cards for this. The cards are based on the GTX 560Ti and the GT 210 Nvidia cards.

The GTX 560Ti becomes the KFA2 GeForce GTX560TI MDT X5 graphics card, the MDT representing the fact it can support multiple monitors and the X5 showing that this monitor supports an impressive 5 screens. The GTX 560Ti does not natively support this many monitors, KFA2 have utilised a third party PCB controller the ViewXpand VMM1400/1402 chipset which allows the GTX 560Ti to support additional monitors. Users can create a single screen effect (i.e. Nvidia Surround or AMD Eyefinity) on only 4 screens or lower, if 5 screens are used they will all be separate. 4 displays can support an impressive resolution of 5760 by 900 and 3 displays can support 5040 by 1050.

The KFA2 210 MDT X4 is a more functional card not aimed towards the gamers since it lacks the power for gaming. This card even though relatively weak supports an impressive 4 monitors all at 1080p resolutions using the IDT VMM1402 third party controller. And provides an ideal multi display card for a much lower price point than most other cards.

Both of these new cards will be backed with a 2 year KFA2 warranty and will be shipped to European retailers very soon.

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