Kim Dotcom’s US extradition halted

/ 5 years ago

Megaupload owner and founder Kim Dotcom won’t be extradited to the USA anytime soon after the latest court ruling.

The New Zealand High Court has ruled that the USA must lay down all evidence for the Kim Dotcom case before extradition can be considered. New Zealand Justice Helen Winkelmann ruled without a review of the evidence against him, Dotcom would be “significantly constrained” defending himself, while giving the US Department of Justice a large advantage prosecuting him.

Ira Rothken, Megaupload’s lawyer, told Wired “Our expectation is that that the United States through the Crown lawyers will appeal the judgment and further delay the extradition hearing.”

Kim Dotcom’s legal team haven’t relieved any payments yet for their services to him. $2 million in legal fees have been amassed but cannot be frozen as the USA have unlawfully frozen Kim Dotcom’s assets. Dotcom’s lawyers are asking for that amount to be released, with a further $2 million to cover legal fees in the future. Dotcom has also asked the court to release an $8 million government bond so that he can borrow against it, as well as asking permission to sell his luxury cars.

We are not sure how much longer the American authorities can keep this up but one thing is certain, everyone is fed up of their unlawful behaviour.



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  1. David says:

    Typical America. About as useful as an ice pack in the Sahara Desert

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