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Kingston Launches the 500-Series Data Center SSDs

Optimal SSDs for Read-Intensive Applications

Kingston is announcing their new DC500R solid state drive. The “DC” in the name stands for “data center” use as these are optimized for read-intensive enterprise applications.

This is the first drive in the DC500 series that implements Kingston’s strict Quality of Service (QoS) requirements to ensure predictable random I/O performance as well as predictable low latencies over a wide range of read and write workloads. Hence the “R” after the DC500 part.

DC500R is available in 480GB, 960GB, 1.92TB and 3.84TB capacities.

How About Mixed-Use Workloads?

Following the DC500R is the DC500M, which will begin shipping next week. Just like with the “R” in the previous 500-series name, the “M” in this case refers to mixed-use workloads. It provides a balance of consistent I/O delivery and high read and write IOPS performance to manage a wide range of transactional workloads.

With 1.3 DWPD (drive writes per day), DC500M is ideal for the high-volume rack-mount server market. It can be for internal drive bay upgrades, hyperscale data center servers and Cloud service providers requiring low-cost, high-performance storage subsystems.

How Fast are these Kingston 500-Series Drives?

Kingston provides the following numbers for the DC500R and DC500M:

  • Sequential Read/Write: (DC500R)
    480GB – 555MBs/500MBs
    960GB – 555MBs/525MBs
    1.92TB – 555MBs/525MBs
    3.84TB – 555MBs/520MBs
  • Steady-State 4k Read/Write: (DC500R)
    480GB – 98,000/12,000 IOPS
    960GB – 98,000/20,000 IOPS
    1.92TB – 98,000/24,000 IOPS
    3.84TB – 98,000/28,000 IOPS
  • Sequential Read/Write: (DC500M)
    480GB – 555MBs/520MBs
    960GB – 555MBs/520MBs
    1.92TB – 555MBs/520MBs
    3.84TB – 555MBs/520MBs
  • Steady-State 4k Read/Write: (DC500M)
    480GB – 98,000/58,000 IOPS
    960GB – 98,000/70,000 IOPS
    1.92TB – 98,000/75,000 IOPS
    3.84TB – 98,000/75,000 IOPS
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