Kingston Releases 960GB KC310 Business-Class SSD

/ 3 years ago

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Kingston released a new SSD drive with both the capacity to replace mechanical hard drives as well as the performance to meet business demands. The new KC310 SSD comes with 960GB storage capacity and utilities the quad-core Phison PS3110-S10 controller to achieve speeds up to 550MB/s reading and 520MB/s writing.

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Sequential speeds aren’t everything and the eight-channel SSD controller allows this drive to perform with maximum 4K read and write scores of 99K and 89K respectively while Random 4K reads and writes still come in at impressive 96K and 88K. The drive comes packed with all the features you’d want from enterprise S.M.A.R.T. tools for reliability tracking, usage statistics, life remaining, wear leveling, and temperature as well as end-to-end data protection, trim, garbage collection and firmware-based power loss protection that enables the drive to recover from unsafe power shutdowns.

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The endurance isn’t the highest we’ve seen, but it isn’t bad either with 0.66 complete drive writes per day and a total bytes written rating of 681TB. The MTBF is set to 1 million hours and the drive is backed by a three-year warranty and Kingston’s well-known technical support.

The drive is available in two options, either just the drive for $462.01 or packed with an upgrade kit for $471.26 that includes an external enclosure and all the cables and software you need to clone your old drive onto your new SSD.

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