Kojima Wants Open World MGS Remake, but No One Will Make It!

/ 3 years ago


While not the biggest open-world game ever released, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros was a fantastic taster for what we can expect in future Metal Gear Solid games. The open world and dynamic nature of how you could approach the game really captured the spirit of what a stealth game could be. However, not all of us are looking forward to the future titles in the series, as Hideo Kojima himself would love to see the original Metal Gear Solid from the PlayStation 1 remade for current-gen hardware.

Kojima said he cannot work on the remake, as he is tied up with work on the new game. He did say that he’d like to play an open world Shadow Moses, but that no development team has stepped forward to do it.

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Creating the game again would be no small task and would require the full support of Konami, as well as all the resources and tools from the original game. The good news is that Kojima wants it to happen, so who knows, maybe in a couple of years we’ll have the whole box-set to enjoy once again.

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