Kudoso Router Keeps Your Kids Offline until Their Chores Are Done

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Setting time limits on computers games and other gadgets around the house can be tricky, and it gets even more complicated when your trying to limit internet access from a multitude of smart devices around your house. Kudoso looks set to offer a slightly unique solution to the problem by awarding internet time to your children via a points based system.

By controlling access to your router, Kudoso can restrict or disable internet access until your kids have completed a parent-created checklist. With limiting screen time being a difficult task these days, disabling certain features can often prove more successful that flat out banning certain devices, physically removing the device when time is up or using 3rd party applications on each device, Kudoso turns the tables and makes having internet a rewards, rather than not having internet being a punishment.

Using custom hardware and cloud-based software you can either buy a bundle of both from Kudoso, or use their software with one of a few approved routers. Set the tasks that need to be completed, such as do homework, tidy up, eat all your dinner, walk the dog, clean my car, do my taxes, re-tile the roof (ok maybe not those last few) to get online. Parents will have the master interface, allowing you to manage what has been done, or what hasn’t been done, set limits on what websites are allowed to be accessed, as well as monitor which websites and services are being used the most.

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The team have been trailing their hardware in the US for over 18 months now, but with Version 2 in the works they’ve headed over to Kickstarter to try and create something that is suitable for mass market.

Thank you Kickstarter for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Kudoso.

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