Largest Ever Expansion Of Domain Name System Coming Next Week

/ 4 years ago


The internet is about to get a whole lot more annoying as a wave of new domain names are unleashed upon the world, ranging from everything like .coffee, .computer, .buzz and even .sexy.  If you think that’s bad enough then brace yourself, around a 1000 more generic top-level domains will be hitting the market over the next year.

Prices will of course fluctuate a lot dependant on the suffix used, but as Quartz reports the pre-orders for domains such as .guru will set you back $39.99 but if you want something like .luxury, expect to pay a whopping $799.99. If you think that’s a lot, .sucks is looking set to be $25,000! Although there will be a “sunrise period” of 30-days to allow current trademark holders to register to avoid domain-squatting.

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Personally I think this expansion if far too much and somewhat unnecessary, and will most likely just turn into a format to draw more money from current business and domain owners who want to prevent domain-squatting. What are you supposed to do, register all 1000 domain extension for your site?

Thank you QZ for providing us with this information.

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