Latest AMD 13.3 Beta 2 and Nvidia 314.21 Beta Drivers now Ready

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It isn’t often that AMD and Nvidia both release their Beta drivers at the same point in time, but they have just done exactly that. AMD have offered consumers the chance to download their AMD Catalyst 13.3 Beta 2 drivers while Nvidia have offered consumers the chance to download their Nvidia GeForce 314.21 Beta drivers.

First up let’s start with the new drivers from the green team. The latest 314.21 Beta drivers from Nvidia have been launched specifically with the new Tomb Raider game in mind and as a result it brings a lot of bug fixes and optimisations for Nvidia cards running that game. In addition to that the drivers add new SLI adn 3D Vision profiles for the latest game releases of the past month.

In terms of OS and GPU support all desktop operating systems are supported with desktop based cards while only Windows 7 and 8 are supported for the notebook based graphics cards.

The 314.21 Beta release also installs the 9.12.1031 PhysX System Software and HD Audio, and includes support for CUDA Toolkit-build applications. OpenGL 4.3 (with GeForce 400-series or later), DisplayPort 1.2 (with GTX 600 GPUs), and multiple languages and APIs for GPU computing are all included too.

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You can download the latest Nvidia GeForce 314.21 drivers here.

As far as the 13.3 Beta 2 release from AMD goes, well it is more of the same. This new driver package, compatible with Vista, 7 and 8, was designed mainly to fix problems with AMD GPUs in the new Tomb Raider game – particularly with regards to TressFX and CrossFire profiles. The release also improves performance in SimCity by up 16% and in Far Cry 3 by up to 5%. Latency issues in Hitman Absolution and Tomb Raider are also said to have been fixed.

The release supports HD5000/HD5000M graphics cards and newer and includes a variety of workarounds submitted by user feedback. If you want to contribute any feedback to this latest release of AMD drivers then you can do so here. If you want to download the latest AMD Catalyst 13.3 Beta 2 drivers then you can do so here.

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