Latest Hitman Stats Include Vampire Magicians and Coconut Kills

/ 8 months ago

Latest Hitman Stats Include Vampire Magicians and Coconut Kills

The world of Hitman is one of stealth, it’s one of action, and one of complete and utter silliness; so long as you know where to look! The developers have been steadily building up a database of facts about the game and how people play, and some are impressive, some are bizarre.

An incredible 70 million challenges have been complete in the game, but did you know that only 2% of players killed Ken Morgan with a Coconut? I’m sure that number is about to go up as people try it, so keep up the good work folks!

Guns are the easy way out, but over 100 weapons have been used in the game so far, but well done if you’re the people who got your kills using a golf ball or a toy tank, you’re the real MVP here today!

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Disguises are a big part of the Hitman skill set, but why dress as a simple dock worker, when you could rock up as Santa, a scarecrow, or a vampire magician? Heck, you can even be a keyboard playing policeman if you know where to look.

IO are already hard at work on Season 2 content, and while we don’t know what they’re cooking up, we’re certain there’s more silly costumes and unique weapons for you to discover!

Check out the complete stats here.

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