Latest version of GPU-Z now available

/ 6 years ago

GPU-Z, the GPU monitoring and information utility known and used worldwide by overclockers and reviewers alike has recently been updated to version 0.5.7.

Main feature in this update is the support for the AMD Radeon HD 7970 and 7350. Aside from this are minor bug fixes.

The latest release includes fixed APIC counter broken message on AMD Fusion Graphics, fixed PCIe 3.0 showing as 2.0, fixed filter rate on Fermi and ROP count on GT 420, GT 520, HD 5450 and HD 6450 graphics cards, improved detection for HD 5570, HD 6450A and HD 6470M as well as a couple of additional fixes.

Same as always, thanks to W1zzard for this utility, the full release notes and download link for the current version as well as previous can be found here.

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