Leaks for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 reveal details and release date

/ 6 years ago

Treyarch’s upcoming sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops has seen some leakage, revealing a possible release date along with a few details of the game.

As for the launch date, Black Ops 2 should see the light of day on November 6th, which will be preceded by one of the biggest advertising campaigns Activision will have to go through, even though the last Modern Warfare 3 was a financial success, quite a few fans were disappointed in the ‘copy-paste’ element that was noticed.

As for the game, a new mode is set to surface, called “Escort”, while “Drop Zone” and “Kill Confirmed” will come be back in action. On the other hand, two modes are rumoured to be taken out, “Team Defender” and “Infected”. In the game you will find 15 prestiges in 50 ranks, every two prestiges giving a 5 rank increase and a max prestige level of 90.

Black Ops 2 will also come with support for Call of Duty Elite 2.0 with Clan Tournament access. The maps are set to be structured like the original Black Ops, both in size and design. The “hardcore” mode will be brought forward even more, bringing to the players what many have asked for.

The studios have most certainly more in stock for Black Ops 2, including a far improved single player campaign. Activision claims Black Ops 2 will be the most successful in sales numbers over all of the COD titles to date. This will likely be helped by the many people saying Black Ops was a better game than Modern Warfare 3.

Source: VR-Zone

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