LeBron James for Space Jam 2?

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We all remember the original Space Jam, some state of the art animations mixed with live action basketball; which coming to think about it, was the ultimate cheesy film of the 90’s.

The original was released back in 1996, featuring all of the most well-known Looney Toons and Michael Jordan trying to foil the plot of a space criminal, which conveniently boils down to a basketball game, who’d a thunk it?

We have been itching for version 2 for a while, until last year we heard rumors that Warner Brothers were planning on a new movie featuring LeBron James. Now Warner hasn’t confirmed this, but the evidence is starting to stack against them.

But, in recent weeks Warner Bro’s has embarked on a new film venture featuring the basketball player “spanning all areas of content creation”. The original statement is extremely vague, but it does confirm that James will “touch all areas” of the studio with his “creative footprint”.

Despite the creation of Space Jam 2 being heavily shot down, the Space Jam trademark has been renewed by Warner Bro’s and James has also jokingly toyed with the press regarding his involvement in the possible sequel.

Would you like to see this film made? Do you think LeBron James would bring enough to the film to make it as iconic as the first? Let us know in the comments.

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