Lego Fan Creates Awesome Pokémon Models

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First of all, I’m amazed that the world of Pokémon and Lego haven’t already combined, one of the most popular toys of several generations and one of the biggest cartoon collectathons of another. Sure I grew out of Pokémon a very long time ago, but you’re never too old for Lego and awesome looking Lego creations.

Lego wiz Dan McCormack got his inspiration from replaying the classic Pokémon game on his PC with an emulator. The nostalgia ran deep and since he had also recently taken his old Lego sets out of storage, McCormack just put two and two together, and pretty much relived a large chunk of his childhood, to create these cool models.

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The feedback he has gotten so far is impressive, with many people thinking they’re official Pokémon Lego kits. The project has since inspired the Lego Ideas Project to promote getting an official set released.

Enjoy the gallery below, let us know what set you would love to see come to the Lego brand.

Thank you Mashable for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Mashable.

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