LEGO Super Star Destroyer Destruction Captured by 1000fps Camera

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Everyone remembers the Star Destroyers from Star wars, the big impending shapes that announced the imperial fleet was approaching, and then in the prequels the Republics clone army. But what happens when you spend $800 on building a LEGO version of the Super Star Destroyer, as shown in the image above, a much larger version of the star destroyer and Darth Vaders personal flagship (named the Executor).

The second best thing of LEGO was the ability to build whatever you could think of, from a simple house or vehicle to a complex track of motors and towers. The best bit, I found, was taking it apart, slowly dismantling the models you built weeks or months ago just to see how they worked and how you had built them and maybe improve on their designs. Turns out I was wrong, the best bit is filming an $800 LEGO super star destroyer in slow motion crash into the floor.

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Filmed at 1000 frames per second the video shows everything from the slow motion impact to tracking the little Darth Vader as he is released from the ship. What is the most complex or expensive piece of Lego you’ve ever built?

Video courtesy of WIRED.

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    I’d like to also see this in reverse.

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