Let RAY, the Robot Valet, Park Your Car

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Here’s a valet you won’t feel obliged to tip: RAY, the robot valet, has started parking cars for visitors of Dusseldorf Airport in Germany. RAY is an automated forklift truck that will lift your car and park it into pre-designated parking bays.

The machine was developed by Serva Transport, and is designed to help travellers who are in a hurry. Slots can be booked in advance via a smartphone app. The traveller then drops off their car at a designated area, books in on the touchscreen monitor, and RAY does the rest. When the traveller returns, the car is brought back to the designated area – RAY has access to flight itineraries, so knows when you’re due back at the airport – and the owner drives away.

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Since the drivers enter and exit their vehicle at the designated area, there is no need to for door clearance when parking, which saves space, meaning that RAY can squeeze 249 cars into its parking area.

Source: CNN

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